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Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing Services | Attic Cleaning Palo Alto, CA

Rodents Can Cause Lots of Damage!

Aside from the fact rodents gnaw to file their teeth and will use the wood of your home and belongings to do so, they also need nesting material. To them, your insulation is the perfect solution. They'll dig and tear it to pieces, and leave it terribly damaged. This drastic decrease in its ability to function means that your energy spending is bound to rise. Thanks to being unable to keep the temperature regulated due to the holes, the heating and air conditioning will have to run more. That's the last thing anyone wants!

Health Risks are also a Problem!

Rodent waste easily spreads bacteria onto anything it gets on, which includes your belongings, or even your shoes if you accidentally tread through it. If the rodents wind up dying in your attic or elsewhere, the decay not only can bring more disease, but insects. This can all lead to the start of an even worse problem with infestations, and can put your family's health in jeopardy. Don't allow that to happen!

Our Professionals Are Here To Help!

Take the first step to prevent all of these troubles, and make sure rodents can't get in to begin with! Our technicians will come out and carefully comb over your home for every potential entrance. Considering rats can fit through anything their heads can, even the smallest hole matters. We'll make sure to get every one by checking for signs that they've been around the area, such as chewed on wood or droppings. The material used to seal up the holes is also very important, as rodents are strong chewers. We'll use steel wool or wire mesh to ensure that they won't be able to get through! Some places may be hard to reach, or might be somewhere you wouldn't have considered looking, which is why it's best to leave it to the experts!

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