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Commercial Attic Insulation

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Commercial Attic Insulation

Commercial Attic Insulation Services | Attic Cleaning Palo Alto, CA

Every business owner knows they have to keep their place of business clean, for the safety and the benefit of their employees, guests and customers. One of the main things that affects any building's cleanliness and hygiene is the condition of its attic's insulation. If the insulation is not intact, it may cause accumulation of dirt and dust, but that's not even the bad news, as it can also cause problems which are related to bacteria, air escaping and hygiene, that might lead to high maintenance costs, health issues among staff members and guests and even to business closure.

High costs due to an unsealed attic

When the attic insulation is not installed properly or not completely sealed (it might lose its efficiency over time due to exposure to weather or simply because of fatigue), it may lead to high electricity bills. Why? Because when the outer walls give way to air that can flow freely, meaning cold air entering in winter and heat entering in summer – the business' air conditioning system must work much harder to keep the desired temperature throughout the premises.

Health inspection failure

When the attic is not sealed it may also lead to wetness accumulating in some of the attic's darker places, and that's a dangerous combination that more often than not results in thriving mold colonies and bacteria issues. Now, we're not about to talk about the health implications that are serious enough on their own, but imagine what will happen to your business if there's a surprise health inspection and mold or bacteria are found. Yikes.

Only the best for your business

So many possible and even probable problems and hazards – for all of which there's one simple solution. No matter what kind of business you own – a store, a restaurant, a hotel or a gym, call the professionals at Attic Insulation Palo Alto, and we will take care of your attic insulation, including its removal, cleaning and careful installation.


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