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Four Ways To Prevent Pests

Is Something Crawling in Your Crawl Space?

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Four Ways To Prevent Pests

Ways To Prevent Pests | Attic Cleaning Palo Alto, CA
  1. Be Careful With Food

    Food of any kind, including for pets like dogs or cats, can draw in any number of pests into your home. Storing it in places like the garage or attic are especially enticing, as it makes it easy for them to get to, but it's necessary to be wary inside your home as well. Always make sure any food is sealed in bags, containers, or whatever else will keep it sealed. Ants in particular enjoy sweets, and this includes fruits, so be extra careful with those and make sure they're always properly put away.
  2. Regularly Clean Your Attic

    This may seem like a strange jump, but it's true! A dirty attic looks like prime real estate to pests, especially rodents looking to make a nest somewhere. It's secluded and dark, and the insulation there looks like the perfect material to use to make themselves at home! Unfortunately, this means waste all over from them, and it tends to carry diseases that can enter your home. Making sure that your attic is cleaned out periodically will both let you know if you have a problem thanks to droppings, and can help dissuade them from coming in.
  3. Periodically Clean Your Crawl Space

    The crawl space is yet another dark, enclosed space that looks extremely inviting to pests, particularly the dirtier it is. They can harm insulation here as well, along with wood and even cables. Having a professional clear out the area now and then can help keep it free of any unwanted guests causing issues.
  4. Install Rodent Proofing

    The ultimate guard against rodents is to have an expert come out and proof your attic to be sure they won't be able to get in to begin with! A trained technician will be able to locate any holes or spaces that rodents have been or could use to get inside and cover them with a strong material such as steel wool that they won't be able to chew through. This will make certain that your attic is protected and you won't have to worry any longer!

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